Movie (DVD) Life or Death: The Choice is Yours
Written, filmed and directed by the members of King Solomon Baptist Church, this short film is an all too real view into the lives of many African American families. Get ready to laugh and cry all in the same breath while watching one of the BEST short films to hit Christian TV.

Many of us have been in situations such as the main character "Jay”, where we have had to make choices. Choices that made us battle between right or wrong, good or bad, Life and Death.

The DVD also contains two commercials from KSBC TV’s Pro Life movement A.I.M; “Abortion is Murder”. Life deserves a chance. These powerful commercials bring to life two common situations which many women deal with when debating the unholy “choice” of abortion. We invite you to allow Christ to open your minds and your hearts and experience the true gospel through this short film.